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Palestine Symphony - From Turkey With Love

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Independent works from independent people...
21. Century Turkish Symphonic Variations
Palestine Symphony Part 1 (Introduction)
Theme composed by Murat Malay - Orchestration by Tuğrul Karataş
Produced by MEM Music - Recorded in Istanbul (2010)
With the partial attendance of Istanbul Symphony Orchestra


Dear Readers,

On December 27, 2008, Israeli began its one-sided war on the isolated and besieged Gaza Strip. The Palestinian people in Gaza, although fell in the thousands, exhibited legendary resistance and courage; their steadfastness in the face of that brutality, which continues until this day, deserves to be honored, and always remembered.

Some wonderful independent Turkish musicians (Murat Malay & Tuğrul Karataş) from Istanbul have attempted to do just that: remembering Gaza and Palestine through this very beautiful Palestine Symphony, which comes in four part.

Please click HERE to listen to part one, and please remember Gaza and Palestine in every possible act of solidarity.


The Palestine Chronicle Team



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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pipeau palestinien

Ataaba on the Palestinian shibbabeh - Doc Jazz

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http://www.facebook.com/docjazz In this video, Palestinian artist Doc Jazz plays the shibbabeh, the Palestinian short shepherd's flute. He is playing in the improvisational style known as "3ataaba".
More music by Doc Jazz - over 90 songs in a very wide variety of styles - can be found on http://www.docjazz.com . You can also find quite a few of the songs here on the Youtube channel, most of them quite different from the improvisation featured in this video.
More information about the shibbabeh, including information on how to make one and how to produce sound from it, can be found on http://www.docjazz.com/shibbabeh/shibbabeh.html

Free Jerusalem ! - Doc Jazz

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http://www.facebook.com/docjazz Music video for the song "Free Jerusalem" by Palestinian artist Doc Jazz. With subtitles. Free mp3 download available from http://www.soundclick.com/docjazz

Artist website: http://www.docjazz.com

Intifada - Doc Jazz

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http://www.facebook.com/docjazz A music video for the song 'Intifada' from Doc Jazz's album Front Door Key. With subtitles. The album is available at the Palestine Online Store at http://www.palestineonlinestore.com/music/docjazz.html

For more songs by the Palestinian artist Doc Jazz, visit the website at http://www.docjazz.com